Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fall Festival.......

Since Halloween was on a Saturday this year Amy and Christa decided we should have a Fall Festival/Halloween party at my house. As usual I made costumes for all the kids. All of us adults also decided that we need to dress up. We had a lots of fun. After the party we walked down the street trick or treating with the kids. Enjoy all the pictures.

 Eli as a carrot. Eli got two costumes this year. One for school and one for trick or treating
                                                             Josie as a unicorn
                                                                Eli as a robot
                                                         Oliver as a robot
                                                          Liam as a stick man
                                Rick being a Ninja and Christa as a kitty of course
                                    They thought they were soooo funny
         Kitty Christa helping Amy become Princess Leia from Star Wars
 Jese was a lego man, we all thought he looked a little creepy!

                         Grandpa Rick helping Eli with his pumpkin

                                                         More pumpkin carving
                              Oliver and Eli decorating some Halloween cookies 
                                            Playing the pumpkin ring toss

                                    Eli and Oliver playing with the bugs

                                      Roasting some hot dogs for supper
                                                                   Rick and I
                                     The Robots Oliver and Eli

                                     Jese, Christa and Amy
                                                     The kids trick or treating
                                                           Josie and me

 Amy was suppose to be Princess Leia but we decided she looked more like she belonged in a church so she posed with Mary
                                                          Rick being a ninja

It was a fun Halloween! Hope you all got to enjoy it too.


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